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Bike Rumor - Defender v Separator

Posted on June 20 2019

The big showdown – Bike Rumor – Fassa Defender v Fassa Separator

Bike Rumor tested the Fassa Separator and the new improved, Defender 2.0. This has been the bicycle protection test we've been waiting for! Over a period of months, the guys at Bike Rumor put the Fassa Separator and Fassa Defender through a rigorous test and the results were very interesting. Read the full test here.

Bike Rumor- Fassa Defender v Fassa Separator

Overall, Bike Rumor was thoroughly impressed with both Fassa products on review. They praised the durability, versatility and simplicity of each as well as the excellent build quality. Further, Bike Rumor championed Fassa Bicycle Protection Products as small prices to pay for protection, peace of mind and convenience.


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