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Canyon Bikes GMBH and Fassa Cycling Products

Posted on October 12 2017

In August 2017 Canyon Germany chose Fassa Separators to protect 100 brand new Canyon bicycles they needed to move safely from Koblenz to Friedrichshafen to a Global Product event. When the order came through we had just over two weeks to make the Separators and deliver them to Germany. Each Separator takes approximately 3 hours to make and so we were looking at 300 hours of work in a very short time period - all leave was cancelled!

We drove through the night to Koblenz to meet the 8am delivery deadline. All was quiet when we arrived except for the pacing of feet and the aroma of strong coffee as everyone prepared to pack the bicycles ready for departure.

Canyon Bikes GMBH; Fassa Separators

The Separators were unloaded from van to lorry and from there to the Canyon Warehouse to load up the bikes.

Canyon Bikes GMBH; Fassa Separators

We received great feedback. Canyon liked the quick and easy way the Separators attach to their bicycles, that once fitted they remain in place and the way that you can pack so many bicycles together quickly without the risk of them getting damaged.

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