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E-MTB Test Ride - Cube Reaction Race 500

Posted on August 29 2018

Electric Bikes are here!

We had the opportunity to try an eMTB this summer and the result was a surprise. The bike we tried was a Cube Reaction Hybrid Race 500 fitted with the Bosch Performance Drive Unit CX. Electric power is rewarded from pedalling and there are a number of modes you can select to increase or decrease this assistance. We found the eMTB the best mode for all round riding. Ascending off road at 20+ kph is very easy but on the flat riding past 28kph is almost impossible due the drag the system applies to pedal power. Descending hills past this speed point is possible however, especially if free-wheeling! We covered 50km in 2 hours of off road riding, which is double the distance we would have achieved on a regular mtb which gives you an idea of their capability.

The electric powertrain and battery dominate the bicycle frame downtube and bottom bracket, areas very susceptible to damage when not riding the bike. A Fassa Separator, Fassa Defender and Fassa Drivetrain Cover provide protection to these exposed and expensive areas. 

We recommend that you try a e-bike soon to discover this new form of transport!


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