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Fassa Bicycle Transportation and Van Life

Posted on October 19 2016

The chances are your finding some of your best riding a drive away from where you live. But getting there with your mates and all the bicycles and kit can be a hassle. We've tried most vehicles including a hatchback, an estate car with a tow bar mounted bike rack, a 4x4, a 4x4 with a box trailer in tow. But by far and away the most convenient and best for your bicycle is by van.

While a van is larger to drive and perhaps less fuel efficient, that's where the downsides finish and the benefits begin. Racing cyclocross and don't want to lose your parking space overnight - stay in your van. Want your bike to arrive at your race or event in top condition - travel by van. Want to keep all your bike kit in one place - van. Working away and need a cheeky cheap overnight stay - van. The benefits are endless.

Once you've decided a Van is for you, which is the van to go for? The VW van range are the most fashionable but lack space for stay away riding. A van sitting on the top spot of the podium is the Mercedes Sprinter, a van so huge that some people live in them!

Our team van is a Mercedes Benz Sprinter Long Wheelbase, kitted out with side window and electrics, interior carpeting and seating with a bicycle garage at the rear. A garage that can accommodate 10 bicycles protected with Fassa Separators, Hood Covers and Pedals Covers to arrive in the same top condition they left in.

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In July again, we load up for the Tour de France and travel down for our annual pilgrimage to the greatest road race on earth. For more inspiration check out these links:

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