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Your bicycle needs a Fassa Separator!

Posted on October 17 2017

We are working hard to spread the word amongst fellow cyclists that by making simple changes to the way we transport and store our bicycles we can enjoy more cycling and less damage. It's a big challenge we face, since up until now old blankets and pillows were the bike packing solution. That is, if anything at all was used.

The Fassa Separator has been designed to stay in place and pad and protect bicycles as well as put up with the abuse of mud, oil and damage threats from other bicycles and objects. Designed to fit both road and mtbs, you can use your Separator in any way you wish to protect your precious cargo.

Fassa Separator; MTB Protection; Bicycle Protection

Canyon Bikes in the UK and Germany needed little convincing. They tested a Separator we gave them on loan, and both placed big orders. The Separators remain on their road test fleet when not being ridden. In vans, in their warehouse...anywhere in fact where they're not being ridden. Damage has become a thing of the past and loading up the vans faster and easier.

MBR magazine tested the Separator and gave it 10/10 as did Cycling Weekly, who gave it 8/10.

Every Separator is handmade in our workshop and take approximately three hours to make. Prices include free UK delivery.

Fassa Separator - vanlife; bicycles in motorhomes

However you travel, however you store your dream machine, a Fassa Separator speed up the packing and unpacking process; think of it as a comfort blanket for you and your bicycle.

Fassa Separator - Bicycle Protection in cars


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