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High Quality Pedal Covers

Posted on June 15 2017

Fassa Cycling Products ( has identified bicycle pedals as a major cause of damage, causing hundreds, if not thousands of pounds worth of damage in an instant. Fassa is on a mission to stop damage from pedals once and for all.

Fassa designed a number of prototypes before signing off a design with an innovative strap to allow the covers to be fitted to pedals on and off the bike. Fassa Pedal Covers are triple layered; two layers of 600 Denier hard wearing Polyester material with a waterproof backing, sandwiching 4mm closed cell foam padding. They are fitted and released using a strong velcro binding system.

 Fassa Pedal Covers - Bicycle Protection

Once fitted, Fassa Pedal covers help prevent damage to other bicycles, to the vehicle the bicycle travels in and to the ankles and shins of passers by. If you’re renting a bicycle on holiday and want to take your own pedals, simply remove the pedals from your bike, secure them in the Pedal Covers and again, everything around them is protected. A Fassa Pedal Pocket has been designed to accommodate smaller items and is a great place to put your pedals in their covers along with a Pedal wrench and any other additional items you need to take with you.

Fassa Pedal Covers - next level bicycle protection 

Fassa Padded Pedal Covers come in small (spd), medium (road) and large (flats), are made in Dorset and are £40.00 per pair including VAT and UK delivery.

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