Hope and inspiration

Posted on May 13 2016

Earlier in the year we were lucky enough to experience a Hope Factory tour. We were familiar with the brand, its robust, cope with anything hubs and its anchor-like hydraulic brakes but nothing prepared us for the sheer scale of the Hope operation, the massive product range and the friendly team, actually call it a family at Barnoldswick.

Set up by Ian and Simon, two ex Rolls Royce engineers, in 1989, Hope has grown carefully and strategically paying for itself and owing nothing to anyone along the way. From the Factory and industrial machines to the liveried vans its drives, Hope owns everything. In product design terms it can be as fluid and as dynamic as it needs to be to design the best products. Creating the first disc brake system for a mountain bike is proof of this way of working.

As a small start up business in manufacturing, Fassa draws great inspiration from Hope and if you ever get the chance, arrange a Hope Factory tour and perhaps see if they'll let you loose on their very own pristine pump track at the rear of the factory.

Thank you for the inspiration Hope

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