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Introducing the World's first Bicycle Shield, only from Fassa!

Posted on May 12 2017


Fassa, the Dorset based maker of travel protection products for bicycles, believe their Padded Separator is a World first; only available from Fassa.


Picture: The Fassa Separator. Takes just seconds to fit, seconds to remove.

Constructed using four layers of technical, durable, waterproof materials, including UV protection and 8mm closed cell foam padding, the Fassa Separator provides a practical solution to the complicated issue of transporting bicycles.

Created for cyclists that love to travel, the Separator is ideal for people travelling in larger vehicles such as Motorhomes, Caravans and Vans.

Picture: Protecting your car’s interior and bumper when loading

The Separator is so versatile you can use it in your car too, as well as your hallway, garage and bikeshed. In fact you can use it anywhere and anyway you wish to.

One thing’s for sure, with a Fassa Separator fitted your bicycle is protected from damage and you are protecting everything else from the potential damage a bicycle can cause – to clothing, vehicle interiors and ankles!

Fassa Separator - racking bicycles together safely for travel

Picture: Carrying multiple bikes to races in ‘toaster rack’ style configuration 

Designed and made to order in Dorset by a small team of machinists and designers. Personalised Separators featuring your initials will be introduced in the near future.

Fassa Separators are available for £60 including postage. Buy online at  Free delivery with every purchase.


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Who are Fassa?

Fassa is a Dorset based business that designs and makes products to protect bicycles in transit and in storage.

We got our inspiration for the name ‘Fassa’ from the Giro D’Italia, perhaps the hardest road race of them all:

We’re named after a mountainous region in the Italian Dolomites called Val Di Fassa. It was once the site of fierce battles between Italians and Austrians but today everyone lives in perfect harmony. It’s also hugely popular with cyclists, and that’s the link: bicycles that once emerged battered and sometimes broken from the backs of vans now, thanks to Fassa products, arrive ready to ride. 

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