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It's all about feel!

Posted on October 21 2016

The freedom of riding allows us to escape. Escape the mundanity of day to day routine, work and stress. Riding allows you to get out in the open. Riding keeps us fit and healthy and it stimulates the senses.

When you're riding your bike your senses rely on three key feel points to know what's going on underneath you. Your saddle, your pedals and your bars constantly communicate road surface conditions, grip and speed. The most tactile point in this equation is arguably your bar levers which can communicate the most sensitive of changes beneath you. Not only that, but they change gear and brake for you at your very command.

We designed our Road Bike Hood Covers and Mountain Bike Bar End Covers to protect the most vital part of your bike, to keep it in the best condition after your ride and prevent needless scratches, knocks and damage, preserved if you like ready for your next ride.

With electronic shifting, hydraulic braking systems and Bluetooth beating technology, its no wonder that the cockpit of a modern bicycle has been compared to a Formula Car Steering well. An investment well worth protecting.



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