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Perfect Isolation

Posted on October 19 2016

Bicycles are by their size and nature, difficult to store and transport. In the Separator's early development, we spoke to many cyclists and one thing became clear; that their bicycles are more likely to get damaged in storage and in transit, than when being ridden. Something else that came out of our research was that cyclists want to spend less time faffing and more time riding.
Our design team set about designing a protection device which would not only protect a bicycle, but that is easy to fit and remove. We worked on a number of designs, shapes and sizes before settling on a 'shadow' style shape which 'separates' the bike from risk of damage. Attachment comes in the form of two velcro straps which attach through the saddle rails and bar stem and fit every size of bike.
When not in use the Separator folds down in two to reduce greatly in size and our Big Kit Bag has been designed to swallow up three folded separators.
So whether you leave your pride and joy unprotected in your garage, or you travel with multiple bikes, consider the Separator as an added wall of protection.

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