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Protecting your bicycle's drivetrain

Posted on February 22 2017

Protecting your drivetrain is an important part of being a committed cyclist. A good starting point is understanding what your drivetrain does and how it delivers your effort to create forward motion. But your bicycle drivetrain can only do this if it is well looked after.

How frustrating is it when you head out for an enjoyable ride and your bicycle decides it doesn't want to change gear, or jumps a few gears and runs rough? Don't jump to conclusions and blame your local bike shop for not servicing it properly before you consider your part in the process.

Firstly, your drivetrain should be the first place you clean your bike. Clean it after three or four rides. Buy a chain cleaner, use a chain degreaser and an old toothbrush and really get into it.

Secondly, after maintenance and regularly oiling (sparingly!), consider how you transport and store your bicycle and what impact your bicycle is likely to have to cope with in these environments. By fitting a Fassa Drivetrain Cover, you're giving your drivetrain an additional barrier of protection against knocks from people and other objects. And by fitting a drivetrain cover, you're protecting others around you from getting oil and grime on their clothing.

The Fassa Drivetrain cover is quick to fit and will fit any bicycle. For a small investment you will have a very useful protection device which will stand up to impact and will last for years to come.


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