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Riding with Dan Lloyd

Posted on December 02 2019

In late November 2019 GCN's Dan Lloyd embarked on a 1000km challenge riding to raise money for a charity close to his heart, World Bicycle Relief. This charity not only awards bicycles to some of the poorest people in the remotest parts of Africa, it also employs people locally to repair and service the bicycles.

This winter has been the wettest on record and Day 1 didn't disappoint, Torrential rain and flooded roads meant dreadful riding conditions. But the group morale was high and we completed the 105km ride at an average speed nearing 30 kmph.

Dan Lloyd GCN - Fassa Bicycle Protection

Photo: Day 4, drier conditions...

Starting from Ringwood, we road a 105km loop counter-clockwise around the outer edge of the New Forest.

I've met Dan a couple of times. He's nice guy, down to earth and good company on a long and challenging ride. Being an ex-pro cyclist you would think he rides a lot, but in fact, relative to his background and experience, rides very little due to work and family commitments. Dan had taken the week off to get a good bulk of the KMs done. As the week continued, he commented, that he could feel his legs improving.

I joined him again on Day 4, the longest ride of the week at 135km route and the rain had finally faded to bright sunshine, clear skies and with it a cold blast of winter air.


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