Protecting your loved ones - Bicycle Protection

Posted on June 13 2017

Latest research from the University of Alberta, which featured this week in Cycling Weekly finds that through our riding experiences we build strong emotional attachments to our bicycles.

There's no doubt that we are travelling further afield to ride and compete. These are the riding experiences we all crave and love to train for.

In 2015, Fassa Cycling Products carried out some research in to how bicycles are transported to these events and ride venues. What we found was a real variety of methods for bicycle transportation, with some people using no protection at all. The big story to come out of this was that eight out of ten riders we spoke to had experienced avoidable damage to their bicycles in transit.

Our findings and observations gave us the confidence to design a range of products to protect bicycles in transit and in storage.

To illustrate the point, a recent post from a bike shop on Instagram revealed that a Limited Edition Specialised Venge Vias, carefully built for a customer by Westerham Cyclery, on the day of collection was dumped on work tools in the back of a van. Was the new owner aware of the high risk of damage? Was this bicycle not worth protecting?

Fassa Bicycle Separator


From an emotional point of view, protecting your bicycle from accidental damage is important. From a financial point of view its really worth protecting your investment - perhaps 10% of the value of your bicycle spent on protection products would not only save you money and emotional heartache, but will keep your bicycle in the best condition possible to perform to its best when you're riding it.


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