Top 10 reasons to protect your bicycle

Posted on February 26 2017

1. We work hard to pay for expensive bicycles with the latest components
2. Much more than a means of transport, a bicycle is a lifestyle, a luxury, an emotional purchase
3. Bicycles are becoming lighter, faster and more sophisticated
4. A scratch from riding is a battle scar. A scratch from carelessness is senseless behaviour is idiotic
5. We protect our mobile phones, glasses, our cars. So why not our bicycles?
6. Carbon is micro thin fibres which when bonded together gains strength. It's not designed to be damaged
7. A damaged bicycle is worth less than an undamaged bicycle
8. Arriving at an event and discovering that your pride and joy was damaged on the drive there is emotional and could ruin your day
9. Protecting your bicycle says to you and to others that you are serious about your cycling and are disciplined in your approach
10. Protecting your bicycle your bike is safer and saves you time when you arrive at your event. We call this 'Safer. Faster. Fassa.'

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