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Top Tips for new cyclists by

Posted on February 26 2017

1. Budgetting for a new bike - Frame, Wheels then Drivetrain in that order
2. Always have your rear lights on, preferably one on your seat post and one higher up for more visibility. You are more likely to get hit from the rear.
3. Wear at least one high visibility piece of clothing, ideally with reflective elements
4. Before adding air to your tyres, release some air which releases the valve
5. Prepare your own mobile mini toolkit, ideally with tube and tyre patches, spare inner tube, a small piece of inner tube, valve core remover, superglue, plasters, old cloth, bike tool. Fit it all in a water bottle and carry in the second bottle cage
6. Know your route. Avoid busy main roads if possible.
7. Carry a spare base layer in a water tight bag. Change base layers at a cafe stop.
8. Acknowledge other riders, even if they don't acknowledge you back.Thank other road users for giving you room
9. Be confident on the road, own your space on the road and ride aware of everything around you. Prepare for the unexpected.
10. Maintain (and love) your bike. Clean the drivetrain regularly. Remove flint from your tyres carefully. Keep your chain lubricated.


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