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Ten Reasons why a Fassa Separator outperforms a blanket!

Posted on June 06 2017

We were asked why a Separator is better than using an old blanket to protect your bicycle.
The short answer is that the Separator has been designed to perform a specific task, ie protecting a bicycle, where as a blanket has been designed primarily to sleep under!

Designing and testing the Separator took 6 months which included product development, material testing and testing with a pro team. Here's are 10 reasons why we believe the Separator is the best product to use to protect your pride and joy:

The Separator, at 1885mm, has been designed to be about 2 inches longer than a bicycle to ensure full side protection at both ends including the wheels.
The height of 920mm is to cover the bicycle frame, seat post but fit under the bars so as not to envelope outwards for space efficiency.

At 3.5cm thick, the Separator is not much thicker than a blanket and much narrower than a bag.

The two Velcro straps are positioned as an average to ensure that they fit mountain and road bikes. One strap fits through or over the saddle, the other over the bar stem. Again they have been designed to fit all adult frame sizes with adjustability for long fork stems and long seat posts.

The lightweight materials used means the Separator is light and easy to handle and is flexible too. They mould around each bike. They tri fold away.

The 8mm closed cell foam padding ensure that each bike has a lot of padding and can compress in to the foam, meaning more stability and less movement and chatter when on the move.

Toaster Racking
The Separators are designed as 'Dividers' and strap to the side of each bike (saddle rail and bar stem) so that you can 'toaster rack' them backwards and forwards together without damage. They are not a bag though as a bag creates too much volume if you are travelling with many bikes.

The Silver and Black material is Ripstop PE material with 14 threads per inch, the highest available anywhere. The Silver has an inbuilt ultra violet light inhibitor, the Black offers a classic, Stealth look.

Odourless and Easy Clean
The materials we use dont develop an odour, like an old blanket does!

Easy Clean
The materials we use are wipeable and easy to clean with a soft brush and warm, soapy water

The last point is that the Separator adds a professional touch to protecting your bicycle before and after riding. This we hope will make you feel better prepared and ready to race. 

So there we are. Ten reasons why you should buy a Fassa Separator!

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